HHH Event

By holding dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the exhibition «Connect to Bauhaus», which will take place at the annual international exhibition ARCH Moscow from 15 to 19 May 2019, attracted architects and world-class designers, as well as companies that are considered experts in the field of architecture, construction, design and finishing.

The purpose of the exhibition - to show that the „Manifesto Bauhaus“ there is cooperation between people of creative professions, in particular, between architects, artists and craftsmen. Simplicity, functionality and practicality, functi- onal use of space - characteristics, from the very beginning have become key for buildings, interiors, built in the style of Bauhaus and remain relevant in our time.

The appearance of the school and Bauhaus style was the basis for the emergence of modern architectural art and the creation of appropriate objective environment.
The exhibition program «Connect to Bauhaus» will include a range of activities for all categories of participants and guests of the conferences, round tables and discussion clubs, lectures and master classes.

Planned to hold a poster exhibition, the size of 80 cm in 1110, on the theme of «Connect to Bauhaus», from leading international bureau architectural firms, as well as installations and art objects that reflect the unity of art and technology.

The exhibition is timed conference, which will be attended by:
- Andrei Bokov, president of the MAAM, People‘s Architect of Russia, Doctor of Architecture, academician RAASN

- Palle Bo Rasmussen (Palle Bo Rasmussen), architect MAA, associate partner of KHR Architecture,

May 18 will be held Workshop „The shape, color and style Bauhauca eyes of children“, organized by the Children‘s Art School „Start“.